Humanitarian Aid Worker and Independent Consultant


Period: October 2009 to up to date
Location: Aceh, Nias and desk research
Organization: Private
Position held: Researcher

Main responsibilities:

Carry out research and study on the impact of humanitarian and recovery efforts post Tsunami 2004 and Earthquake 2005 Responses in Aceh and Nias.

Period: June to July 2011
Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Organization: World Vision International
Position held: Consultant/ Knowledge Management Officer

Main responsibilities:

Provided suggestion for improvement of operation’s monthly reports; Formulated reporting formats and indicators tracking matrices; Drafted monthly operation reporting formats; Drafted May and June monthly report base on new format; Supported the preparation of 18th month operation report.

Period: February to August 2010
Location: Bogale, Myanmar
Organization: Solidarités International
Position held: Consultant/ Livelihood Recovery Programme Manager

Main responsibilities:

Managing 5 food security projects; Agriculture, Livelihood, Fishery, Livestock and Infrastructure (cash for work) with focus on DRR component - 1, 5 million budget funded by LIFT (a multi donor fund):

Start up: Designed implementation strategy and resource planning; supervised needs and vulnerability assessments; identified and elaborated methodology and strategic planning for implementation of activities; recruited, trained and prepared project team;

Support and guidance: Managed, guided, and built the capacity of project staff; provided in-house training for project ‘staff particularly for project managers and deputy programme manager;

Project implementation: Close supervision of projects implementation; provided technical support and guidance; advice Logistics department on any procurement and other logistical issues of the projects;

Monitoring, evaluation, research and development: Continuous project monitoring, periodic evaluations and adjustment of projects; analyzed and identified key trends of livelihoods and food security issues; developed lessons learned, identified innovative and relevant solutions; carried out research and developed new project proposal;

Resource Management: Managed related HR issues (up to 35 national and international experts and staff); planned, managed and controlled budget, financial, equipment and other related resources of the programme; Communication: prepared regular project reports and presentation.

Period: May to September 2009
Location: Bogale & far south Bogale/Pyapon, Myanmar
Organization: Solidarités 
Position held: Consultant/ Project Manager: Research

Main responsibilities:

Led the consultancy team in carrying out School/Storm Shelter Construction Baseline Assessment in 35 villages funded by SDC;
Desk research and networking with related organization and government official;
Verified the gaps & carried out community participatory approached to determine the criteria, options for location & other supports or infrastructure needed to maximize the function of the future building;
Provide suggestion and recommendation on structure types based on the context and exposure of each location as well as DRR aspect;
Pre-selected assessed location and carried out further assessment and feasibility study of selected location (soil test, layout plan, access, capacity & threats) and formed community construction committees;
Recruited and built up the capacity of involved team;
Prepared monthly reports, final report and presentation.

Period: March to April 2009
Location: Bogale & far south Bogale/Pyapon, Myanmar
Organization: Solidarités 
Position held: Consultant/ Project Manager: Shelter Construction

Main responsibilities:

Supervised the construction of basic shelters and latrines in order to provide sustainable relocation for internally displaced households through their return to basic shelter and sanitary condition funded by UNHCR & IOM:
Developed good understanding of targeted community (history, problem statement) and the modality of project’s implementation;
Supervise an on time delivery of the construction and ensured the quality of the constructed facilities;
Ensure maximum participation of beneficiaries in the whole process;
Recruited and built up the capacity of involved team; Prepared project final report for the donors

Period: April – December 2008
Location: Nias, North Sumatra (Indonesia)
Organization: UNORC for Aceh and Nias
Position held: Deputy Head of Field Office

Main responsibilities:

Managed day-to-day field office operations and led the implementation of the programmes at the field level;
Worked closely with local government & provided policy advice and backstopping support on recovery & development related matters;
Liaised with senior government officials, donors and I/NGOs on recovery process and policies;
Regularly monitor and evaluate rehabilitation activities in the island and shared the result with related counterparts; Provided advice on safety & security issues to UN and I/NGOs staff;
Represent the office or other UN agencies in any official meeting and/or events when requested;
Prepared regular situation report & humanitarian/ recovery update.

Period: July 2006 – March 2008
Location: Nias, North Sumatra (Indonesia)
Organization: UNORC for Aceh and Nias
Position held: Field Officer 

Main responsibilities:

Identified, initiated & facilitated mechanisms for coordination and implementation of recovery and reconstruction activities within organizations & with local government institutions;
Carried out regular clusters assessments (watsan, education, housing, DRR) together with related leading agencies to monitor, and identify the vulnerability of the affected communities to ensure sustainable and equitable responses are implemented;
Provided direct supports and advices on local communities, community mobilizations, local government and security related issues to the UN, I/NGOs and Red Cross Society;
Conducted different in-house trainings and short courses for local government and local staff;
Provided input for situation reports & prepared humanitarian/recovery updates.

Period: July 2005 – June 2006
Location: Nias, North Sumatra (Indonesia)
Organization: UNOCHA/UNORC
Position held: Field Assistant

Main responsibilities:

Engaged and networked with all stakeholders in order to promote collaboration, cooperation and coordination among humanitarian/ recovery organisations;
Focal point for IDPs/Shelter and Watsan issues and ensure the construction of the shelters and its facilities are completed in the IDPs sites and basic needs of IDPs were met;
Carried out regular monitoring, field assessments and analyzed the progress of humanitarian/recovery activities;
Identified priorities and gaps, formulated and produced recommendations and followed up on actions.

Period: January 2005 – June 2005
Location: Banda Aceh and Nias (Indonesia)
Organization: UNOCHA
Position held: Government Liaison Support

Main responsibilities:

Liaised with Government counterparts on issues related to the humanitarian situation post-Tsunami 2004 and Earthquake 2005;
Compiled, analysed and disseminated responses’ related information including data and statistics from the Government to humanitarian community at large (vice versa);
Facilitated joint meetings and assessments mission with Government, UN agencies, NGOs and Donors.
Provided advice on Indonesian’s government system, rules and regulation;
Supported the establishment of humanitarian/ recovery coordination system on Nias Island

Period: March 2000 – December 2004
Location: Padang Panjang & Jakarta (Indonesia)
Organization: Ministry of Home Affairs (District Administration Office)
Position held: Staff

Main responsibilities:

Involved in drafting regulations, guidelines and technical guidance;
Facilitated the dissemination and implementation of political ethics, political education and political culture;
Involved in research and analyzing the social reconciliation and the risk of social conflict in the area.